The Art of Expression


All the world’s a stage

'R.I.P. Ms.Focus' : a cinepoem by Vanessa Rotondo, a.k.a. 'V'. Cinepoetry produced by Dan Rascal Cultural funding from the City of Ottawa and Ontario Arts Council for "Watch Your Driving: a Spoken Word Album by V" 2014. Music produced by CroupMoses (CrackMoses), vanorange records and
"Electropoetry" - an Ode to House Music Cinepoem by Vanessa Rotondo, a.k.a. 'V'. Cinepoetry produced by Riley Easton, A Gentlemen's Production. Music Composition by Hard Science Video Effects by Hard Science Poem Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Andrew Brittain and TWITTER: @thevpoet FACEBOOK: Vanessa Rotondo Poem written and recited by Vanessa Rotondo.

Documentary by Hasi Eldib . Music by Chris Zabriskie Poetry by Elder Albert Dumont & Vanessa Rotondo.

Part two of an ongoing creative project/experimental excercise series by Hasi Eldib.