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As a Biologist (B.Sc.), I understand the properties of plants and the need for evidence-based research when making decisions about personal healthcare. Alternatively, as an artist and young breast cancer survivor, I have also experienced the benefits of supporting preventative and holistic health and wellness through natural solutions.

I work with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate because I have experienced a transformation in my own personal health journey by merging both scientific and alternative health care practices. DōTERRA essential oils are made up of nature’s most powerful elements and are thoroughly tested using strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocols.

You can also experience a revolutionary shift in your health by welcoming dōTERRA essential oils into your home in a natural, safe and effective way. To set up a free 45 minute consultation, contact me. We’ll go over your personalized health goals, dōTERRA products, safe usage and if anything resonates with you, I’ll help you get started with bringing dōTERRA products into your home.

If you’re already interested in trying out a few essential oils without getting a wholesale account, you can purchase them at retail price on my dōTERRA website here. Select Shop from the drop down menu and get started right away.

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